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Most of us will never get to visit another planet or be astronauts, but we have a totally different and new world at our reach and just waiting for us, SNORKELING, gives you the opportunity to explore an UNDER THE SEA WORLD where you will find beautiful and sometimes weird looking creatures that will  amaze you. 

At Snorkeling Antigua W. I. we have just the right thing for all members of the family.


It does not matter if you know to swim or if you are too scared to get in the water, we will take our time and with patience and passion we will help you explore and get to know how the life under the sea looks like in a safe and comfortable way.

Snorkeling is a rewarding and beautiful activity one that can be healthfully addictive, and it does not matter how many times you do it, you will always be impressed and satisfied by the new things you will find.


You will, for ever after, be in control of your own excursion any where else you go on vacation for as long as you are close to the sea.

Come and enjoy the safety of our guided snorkeling tours and be amazed at what you will find.


"My Vacation Highlight




- Jan H. TripAdvisor -















From managing a reservations department in a hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, to swimming with rays in Antigua, Bernie has spent the last 13 years in exploring, experiencing and learning the under the sea world. 


His personal motto is “I only hate it when it snows”.


"This is a MUST DO excursion while you at Antigua, whether you are a vacationer on the island of MOST ESPECIALLY if you are a CRUISE SHIP visitor".


- Jay C. TripAdvisor -

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