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The Adventure

Tour Schedules

Daily at 9:00 am and 01:00 pm


- Equipment.



-Water and snacks


- One of our tour guides will meet you at the hotel’s front desk at quarter to the hour and take you the snorkeling site.


- We will instruct you on the correct and safe use of the snorkeling equipment.



*The video is included on the two hour excursion otherwise it is available for $15.00 US

We take a maximum of 6 guests per tour

Our services are design to satisfy your needs and expectations of a good snorkeling tour.

Do not be discouraged by your age or level of experience


It is important that heavy meals and alcohol are not consumed prior to the activity for your own safety.

Snorkeling can be a very relaxing healthy experience that will help not only your body but also your mind to really feel like you are on vacation.


However, If you have a heart condition, suffer from high blood pressure, seizures or any other health conditions that could put your life or others at risk, is best if you communicate with your tour rep so we can offer you a tour that will suit your needs.

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